Hifi Mojo

You know it when it’s right. A great band is like great
Jambalaya. A mixture of quality ingredients and savory spices.
Does the rhythm section swing and rock? Does the guitar
burn? Do the bass and double drums lay down a big groove?

Does the
singer testify? Most importantly, does the combination of
ingredients grab you by the heart? Make you feel like the
musicians playing KNOW what they sing about? Hifi Mojo is that
band. Every song reaches deep into the past and brings it
fully to the present. Once you
hear Hifi Mojo in concert, you know you’ve heard something
special; something unique.
HiFi MoJo plays American music. Their and deep, danceable
blues, swampy funk and gumbo rhythms have been simmering
on the hot-plate that is the Portland, Oregon music scene. A
city known as one of the best places to find innovative, homegrown
music in the United States.
Be the one of the first to spread the word. Hifi Mojo. Hot
as a fire on the bayou, stinging like steel and sometimes,
soft as church choir at sundown, they are a living, breathing
testament to the power of undefined territory.


Hifi Mojo is:

Marty Henninger - Fearless Leader, Drums, Vocals 

Chris Hale - BassMan Buddah, Vocals

Gaddis Cavenah - Seriously Smokin' Guitar, Vocals, Sax

Beth Rhodes Moffett -  Weapons of Mass Percussion, Vocals

Kerry Canfield - Professor Keyboards, Vocals