From the recording 2 Paychecks From the Street

A powerful minor blues about the slow collapse of the American Dream as told to me by the people who lived it, while I was doing a crappy little collections job for a mega-bank. Gaddis on slide and Ben Partain on B-3 burn it to the ground.


2 Paychecks From the Street

People workin’ everyday, but don’t have what they need.
Putting in long hours, can’t afford necessities.
Prices climbin’ higher, but business wants its labor cheap.
The bottom line is danglin’ me, 2 paychecks from the street.

I got laid off again. I gotta family to feed.
My wife and kids are worried, about where their future leads.
I’ll go back to flippin’ burgers, and dreamin’ of security.
You can’t never count on anything, 2 paychecks from the street.

The owners take our jobs, and send ‘em overseas.
to teach the whole damn third world, about their new economy.
Everyday there’s less to go around,
and more and more people like me…
livin’ week to week, 2 paychecks from the street.

President said on T.V.
“America is strong!”
He turns her workers out for profit,
and sells ‘em for a song.
The fox is in the henhouse, and he sold his friends the key.
Guess he had to steal an election,
to stay 2 paychecks from the street.