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  1. Lost Your Place

From the recording Lost Your Place

A steamy Slim Harpo-like swamper about love lost and found again. Sometimes living in a small town has its advantages.


Lost Your Place

Let me tell you a story. It ain’t long at all.
The town I live in, is way too small.
No-tell motels, and lover’s lane,
Pleasures are few. Life stays the same.
But this town’s advantage, its one saving grace,
is you don’t lose a lover, you just lose your place.

One day I was braggin’, to a friend about my love.
I said, “My baby and I, we’re like hand in glove.”
He said, “Well, I seen your glove last night, arm in arm,
with some other hand, and she was doin’ him right.”
“Now don’t go upside her. Don’t you get on her case.
Besides, you ain’t lost a lover. You just lost your place.”

I awoke next morning, and there next to me.
was my next door neighbor, and she was fast asleep.
Then my baby came over, to apologize,
but when she saw that woman, well, that got a rise.
I stepped in between them, told her to her face,
“You ain’t lost a lover, baby. You just lost your place.”

Round and round and round and round we go,
Where love stops, ain’t nobody knows.
The grass is always greener, until it turns brown.
Last week I ran into, my baby downtown.
Sometimes you win, if you don’t try to save face.
We didn’t lose each other. We just lost our place.