From the recording Refuge in The Blues

A broken relationship to the soundtrack of old scratchy Chess sides. Lead guitars solos by the indestructible (and always fiery) Jim Mesi.


Refuge in the Blues

It’s been a long day, in an endless week
with a lifetime to go.
I prayed to make some sense of love,
but the answer came too slow.
I felt the storm hitting me
by the slamming of a door.
But I’ll find shelter I know I can’t lose…
my little refuge in the blues

A scratchy record, from a bargain bin,
that I bought years ago.
Down in the grooves, there lies the truth
on the hi-fi playing low.
I hear the strains of switchblade names
like weary fighters moan,
in my home where rent is never due…
my little refuge in the blues.

If what don’t kill me makes me stronger,
someday I’ll be Superman.
In the meantime I bear the lonely nights, anyway I can.
Love was too good to be true
with a man who’d stand by you.
You’d rather lose than come home to
my little refuge in the blues.

Now you’re gone, but I don’t worry.
I’ll get along just fine.
They’ll always be a juke joint, with a bandstand,
where broken hearts do time.
Where the singer tells his story,
but the memories are mine.
There I’ll burn an eternal flame for you
in my little refuge in the blues.