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  1. Wind Turns Blue

From the recording Wind Turns Blue

A bluesy ballad with piano by engineer Ron Rogers that sounds like Floyd Cramer strained through a Professor Longhair blender. A beautifully understated guitar solo by Gaddis. The song's theme is tried and true blues. Somtimes a guy can't do nothin' right.


Wind Turn Blue

Tonight the house is empty. I’m feeling sad and blue.
Been fightin’ with my woman, been fightin’ with myself too.
I didn’t say nothin’, when she said she was through.
I felt the sun go dark and heard the wind turn blue.

I’m so stubborn, always tryin’ to be the boss.
Don’t say I’m sorry when I’m wrong.
Don’t ask for help when I get lost.
Now I’m lost without you baby, this much I know is true.
I felt the sun go dark and heard the wind turn blue.

I hear your resignation, sighing in the trees,
a storm full of frustration, tearin’ off the leaves.
I’m haunted by the things, I never did for you.
I made the sun go dark and the wind turn blue.

Take me back as a tenant. I’ll pay room and board to you.
I’ll work hard everyday to show you what a man should do.
Please forgive me baby. You know I’ll always love you.
Until the sun goes dark and the wind turns blue.